Hi, I'm Daniel! I'm a musician and software developer, currently living in the Netherlands. In the music front I mostly perform as a drummer and teach about improvisation and creativity. In the development front, I mostly work as a backender for the web and construct solutions for data processment and analysis.

Current Projects

Currently I'm working as a backend developer for a consulting company. I also direct the music education project called Jam With Humans where I teach instruments and give workshops on improvisation. From time to time I publish my own music on the records section of this website.
Seldomly I do video work, which you can find it on my YouTube channel.

About the site

On this site you can find my blog where I write from time to time (less often than monthly, more often than yearly). To get updates you can subscribe to its feed. You can also find a records section where I publish the music I've produced.

For the geeks, this site is Django powered and it currently runs on Heroku.