Podcast Drumming


Being attracted to conversations has been a theme in my life. That is one of the reasons why I started playing free jazz some years ago and why during the last year my list of podcast subscriptions has risen to almost a hundred; and recently I've been experiencing a fusion between these two.

In the morning, right after I have a cup of coffee and before I start working, I often look at the drum set and decide to practice for 10~20min. However the whole morning routine from when I leave bed until I sit in front of the computer (sometimes even after I did so) is accompanied by listening to podcasts on my trusty MDR-10RBT. Therefore, more often than not I find myself drumming while listening to people talking - and paying attention to both. This mix triggers the same though patterns I feel when freely improvising with another musician - and I end up getting involved in the conversation. Practicing said thought patterns alone is something I find hard to do and when I noticed I could do so this way I started deliberately drumming while listening to podcasts.

This video is an attempt to recreate this practice method. It was filmed in the morning - after doing some paradiddles to warm up and help ensuring the result is somewhat audible - and while listening to a podcast episode for the first time (number 158 from the Accidental Tech Podcast).

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