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Not That 


a free jazz record

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Almost an ocean apart

A free jazz album, recorded by two Portuguese friends somehwere close to Amsterdam after a long fast from playing together. It may sound new and strange, and unlike anything else. But if you listen closely, it's not that different.

When a gap of a couple thousand kilometers opens between two musicians who were used to play close, interesting things can happen. New forms of manipulating music are found and stacked up, ready to be released on a next encounter. This album captures such an encounter, in a somewhat raw state (i.e., only after a few beers have rolled by), displaying the surprises which were deployed throughout the session.

"it's good, very good" - Jazz.pt (Rui Eduardo Paes)

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It's up to you

The songs are not named. It's up to you to decide what you want to call each track. Does it remind you of your golden fish, or the sudden realisation that everything in life is meaningless? It's your choice!